December 2017

  • The EU’s GDPR and crime: throwing some light on the dark net

    By PATRICK STEPHENSON, with BROOKS TIGNER, BRUSSELS – Data protection experts are issuing grim warnings about the growing capabilities of cyber-criminals on the so-called ‘dark net’ – the highly encrypted publicly remote layer of the internet where illicit transactions and money-laundering are rampant. Addressing the 8th Annual Data Protection and Privacy Conference here on 30 November, Caroline Goemans-Dorny, data protection officer at Interpol, said cyber-criminal networks have extensively developed dark-web business models. “They use very nice charts. They have CEOs, planning departments, human resources departments, and IT departments. They even have legal departments that figure out which countries have less stringent data protection requirements, and then they act in those countries.” But, according to Goemans-Dorny, the truly scary thing is...

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