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November 2014
  • EU’s cyber-security “policy” is still a mixed-bag of viewpoints & opinion

    EU’s cyber-security “policy” is still a mixed-bag of viewpoints & opinion

    BRUSSELS – Cyber-security’s main challenges were a central focus of policy debate during October when the European Commission launched the European Cyber Security Month. This got off to a start with a conference here on 1 October jointly organised with ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency. Neelie Kroes, outgoing European Commissioner for digital economy and society, told the event that Europe needs to be “far more ambitious in this field, both in the public and private sectors. We cannot be reactive to the situation.” Noting that digital tools are working their way into every aspect of daily life, she said the greater dependency on them “means greater vulnerabilities”. Kroes, whose mandate as Commissioner ended on 1 November, argued that the EU’s executive authority needs to step up its digital ambitions and that Europe as a whole must take a far more proactive approach to cyber security. As Kroes sees it, this approach must have three pillars. The first is that online security... Read More »
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