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Research Project Dissemination Support

SECURITY EUROPE‘s editorial and promotional support for EU Security Research Projects

EU Civil Security Stakeholders:

If you are involved in the EU’s Security Research programme, you are certainly aware that the European Commission requires project consortia to produce a quarterly newsletter, organise workshops and carry out other auxiliary activities related to internal and external communications.

Do you have the time to do this?  If not, perhaps we can help.

Horizon 2020

SECURITY EUROPE has specialised in the EU’s civil security research programme since its very inception with the Commission’s PASR pilot projects of 2003.

We are the only information and advisory service focused solely on EU civil security policy, R&D and business. Thus, we know the terrain of EU security research and how it should be communicated.

SECURITY EUROPE is ideally positioned, for example, to help you produce the “news” side of your newsletter. . .  be it content writing, editing and proofreading,  or its layout, presentation and dissemination.

And, with our office facilities next to the European Commission, we can easily host your workgroup meetings or liaison tasks with the EU.

Here are some of the options we can do for you:

  • provide regular feeds of policy debate, technology developments, events, etc. in your area of security research for inclusion in your quarterly newsletter;
  • ensure coverage & reporting of Brussels-based events relevant to your sector;
  • produce your newsletter via sub-contract, with either the news we collect on your behalf or with project material provided by your consortium – or both;
  • offer task-specific support to your consortium such as:
    • hosting workshops and events in Brussels
    • providing policy “situational analysis” for consortium members
    • helping implement your project’s “PR” strategy and other communications

If we can be of any help to you and your team, do not hesitate to contact us.