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Business Opportunity Profiles

A SECURITY EUROPE Business Opportunity Profile helps you understand and develop your business opportunities in the maze of EU policy-making and budgeting.

Opportunity Profiles are concise, to-the-point analyses of your prospects vis-à-vis the EU. Structured around pragmatic information, they are designed to answer questions such as:

  • Which EU policies and decisions affect your sector?
  • What are your market opportunities?
  • Are there calls-for-proposals which could interest you?
  • What are the funding opportunities?
  • Who are the key EU players?
  • Which other companies could compete against you?
  • How best to approach the EU?

Each Opportunity Profile is written in clear, non-jargon language for executives unfamiliar with the EU. They are delivered promptly after the client’s request (usually within six weeks) and normally do not exceed 15-20 pages.