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Our monthly Euro-Views guest column is reserved for public and private sector experts to air their opinion on issues of European civil security.

Aside from our sample free analysis each month, Euro-Views are the only section of SECURITY EUROPE made freely and fully visible on our website, and is read by EU and national civil security officials and our diverse stakeholder audience of 14,000 across Europe.

As a high-level forum since 2007, the Euro-View column offers a well-established and recognizable platform. Any and all aspects of civil security are eligible as topics, though the column may not be used for any commercial promotion.

If you have a particular argument or point of view on a given European civil security topic and wish to reach out to our SECURITY EUROPE audience, please get in touch with: Christopher Dalby at cd@securityeurope.info for details.

The UK and Europe: an inescapable security partnership

The news in the UK is almost exclusively about Brexit and “leadership,” and usually both in the same breath. In an attempt to show leadership, the UK government of Prime Minister Theresa May has issued a series of papers which can be seen as laying out ‘Why Europe needs us’.

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How to advance NATO-EU cooperation against terrorism

BRUSSELS - We live in the most demanding security environment we have seen in many years – widespread instability, a surge in jihadi terrorism and an increasingly aggressive Russia. Protecting the Euro-Atlantic must be tackled jointly by NATO and EU in an effort that goes beyond the military domain. Despite various levels of cooperation in coping with hybrid warfare, cyber security and Russian aggression, NATO and EU are yet to...

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Handle with care: do not let cyber criminals get in the way of the need for digitalisation and innovation

Euro-View: Rasmus Theede on information security BRUSSELS – When I joined my first corporate IT-security department two decades ago (at that time called Electronic Data Processing Safety Department), I was presented with a memo between the department and the CEO. The memo highlighted the rather new phenomenon called the “Internet”, suggesting that we should indeed investigate the business possibilities further …

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One year later, where do my Brexit predictions stand?

Euro-View: Brooks Tigner on Brexit BRUSSELS – A year ago in May 2016 – one month before the UK’s ill-calculated 23 June referendum on “Brexit” – I made a list of 10 predictions about what would happen if the British voted in favour of leaving the EU. How many of these happened, how many are coming true, and how many …

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Businesses need to adapt to the shifting threat of organized crime

Euro-View: Sven Bergmann on business cyber-security Recently, Europol released its 2017 “Serious and Organised Crime and Threat Assessment – SOCTA” report. Shortly after that release, I had the privilege to speak as a panelist at the Brussels conference, “Fighting Organised Crime and Terrorism,” co-hosted by Europol and the British Chamber of Commerce. There, corporate leaders and crime experts from around …

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Transatlantic security now requires a more balanced relationship

Euro-View: Marietje Schaake on transatlantic relations Where Russia’s new assertiveness has revived the lost art of Kremlinology, the election of a new President to the White House has spawned the science of Trumpology. Analysts watch Donald Trump’s every move, trying to discern whether changes to the National Security Council mean a change of policies, or if a tweet by the …

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Airport design and security: a partnership that makes good business sense

Euro-View: Stacey Peel on airport security The International Air Transport Association, or IATA, forecasts that by 2034, 7.3 billion people will fly commercially every year. Long before then, delivering aviation security via bolt-on, equipment-reliant and compliance-driven approach will no longer be feasible. Airports, industry associations, thought leaders and innovators across the aviation industry are asking: how will we deliver security? …

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Securing Europe’s future can be done but the path is a stony one

Euro-View: Hans Rodewald on Europe’s security choices Europe is at a junction in its history where the decisions it makes in the next two to three years will determine whether the EU develops into a true global player or shrinks to a swarm of political and economic dwarfs. One of the central questions it must address is how to provide …

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Breaking the cycle of radicalisation by backing words with deeds

Euro-View: Sir Ivor Roberts on radicalisation Despite its shrinking territorial footprint as the battle for Mosul reaches its climax, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) appears to have lost none of its ability to terrorise, nor its capacity to manipulate modern communication channels, the Internet and social media platforms, nor to radicalise and inspire acts of violence. The …

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How Belgian authorities might further counter radicalisation

Euro-View: Antoine de Borman and Quentin Martens on counter-radicalisation Belgium has been one of the first European countries confronted with significant radicalisation movements. As early as 2012-2013 when Europe saw the first departures to Syria, Joëlle Milquet, former Belgian Minister of Home Affairs, launched measures to tackle this threat, including the adoption of a prevention strategy against terrorism and violent …

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