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About Us

Located in Brussels at the heart of the EU quarter, SECURITY EUROPE specializes in providing information and analysis about EU and NATO civil security policy developments and their impact on public and private stakeholders.

We pay special attention to the EU’s rapidly expanding agenda of civil security research, operational objectives and technology goals—including dual-use capability development—and their implications for government, first-responder communities, industry, and the public at large.

Currently, the EU is spending over EUR 700 million per year during 2007-2013 on various projects and programmes to support its four civil security missions of:

  • Border security
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Crisis management
  • Anti-terrorism/counter-crime

This outlay will likely rise to more than EUR 1000 million per year thereafter, involving all EU institutions, many of its agencies and each of its 28 national governments.

Business opportunities are there – but they exist within an intricate web of policy decisions, funding instruments, capability programmes and procurement calls.

As the only information service focused exclusively on EU civil security, SECURITY EUROPE can help you identify your customers, understand their requirements and succeed in this extraordinarily complex market.